GIS Survey

A comprehensive survey was carried out for all Quarries, Cutting firms, Crushers and Workshops that are working in the stone and marble sector (in West Bank). Through this survey most of the information about the stone facility could be known such as the location of the facility, production, sales and markets, waste management, water and energy consumption, number of workers, etc. and all the data was treated on the GIS system. This study was conducted by the Technical Unit of the Palestinian Stone and Marble Center, PSMC.

The comprehensive survey is important for:

- Assisting the USM and other national organizations and institutions such as municipalities, and ministries in taking the right decisions and building up the right strategies.

- Assisting the international organizations for better channeling of their financial and technical assistance aid.

Through the survey it is found that the number of stone facilities that works in stone sector is more than 1200 facility.