Training Workshop

The Training Workshop was established and equipped with modern machines in a way that provides students and related sectors efficient training about stone and marble industry and the steps that stone industry pass through.

Through this workshop the students could be trained on the following activities and issues related to stone sector:

-  Finishing techniques of stone surface:

Finishing of stone surface could be carried out mechanically (using Hand polishing machine) as polished, honed, brushed and bush hammered or manually using chiseling tools to produce light chiseled, rough chiseled and tobzeh.

-  Finishing Techniques of Stone Edge:

Many finishes could be carried out for the edge of the stone as bevel, half rounded, full rounded, threshold, farza, etc.


-  Cutting Techniques:

Students are trained on cutting techniques of stone in a way that gives minimum waste percentages.

-  Production of special shapes:

Special shapes of stone could be produced using the CNC machine (bridge cutting machine).

-  Production of columns:

Stone columns are produced using the lathe machine which is connected to the bridge cutting machine.

-  Production of mosaic:

Samples of mosaic are produced through the training workshop using different molds and dimensions.

-  Treatment of Stone:

Resin could be used for treating the surface of stone or to strengthen the weak stone by treating its back with resin.


-  Drilling on Stone:

Drilling techniques are trained to students and participants using acid and pneumatic hammers.